Welcome Quartzy Users!

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Thank you for all of the users who have discovered us recently looking for alternatives to features you were using with Quartzy. While our market started with computer and network equipment labs, we have recently expanded our user base and have been working on several features that many of you need.

If you like what we’re doing and would consider using Lab Reservations in your environment, please contact us if you haven’t already and let us know.

Some questions we’ve been asked:

Q: How much does it cost?
A: It’s free for online usage (please contact us if you’re interested in an on-premises installation)

Q: Can I schedule reservations for future dates/times?
A: It’s coming; we’re working on it. 🙂

Q: Can I customize reservation ability and time by group?
A: This is also in development.

Q: Are you planning to…X?
A: We are working on multiple enhancement requests, but it always helps to have additional feedback as to what you need and how you would use a particular feature.

Lab Reservations – Huge Year-End Sale

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If you’re thinking of signing up for a paid Lab Reservations subscription soon, do it before the end of the year because we’re running a huge sale with a minimum of 50% off of all paid subscriptions if you sign up by December 31!

Also, check your email if you’re a signed-up user. If you fill out our survey we’ll buy you a cup of coffee!

-The Lab Reservations Crew

Why Lab Reservations?

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Note: We’ve been getting some great (and a little not-so-great) 🙂 feedback from early adopters and we’re always looking for more, so keep it coming! It really is free to signup and create an account and the free tier has no expiration. Literally ZERO risk for you.

So what is Lab Reservations, and why do you absolutely need it if you work in a group that is supposed to share stuff in the computer lab?

Lab Reservations gives you the “who, what, when, and where” for the shared systems in your computer lab:

  • Who is using this system right now?

  • What systems are available for me running version 3.4?

  • When will this system next be available? Oh, email me when it is!

  • Where is this system anyway?

Since we’re a hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) application, you get all this lab visibility with…

ZERO installation, ZERO rack space, ZERO power consumption.

You’re up and running in minutes, not weeks.


Also, we provide you reports that tell you which …

  • Systems are NEVER used (power those down, free up the rack space, and save money)

  • Systems are used most frequently (maybe you need a few more)

  • Users reserve the most equipment (do they need self control?)

  • Users reserve the least equipment (do they ever reproduce or test issues?)

… and lots more, but you’ll just have to try it out to see.  🙂


How do you get setup and running in (literally) minutes? Go to LabReservations.com and create your FREE domain. You even pick the custom URL.

And…We’re Off!

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For people watching our blog, we are launching the Lab Reservations product and opening it up for new signups!

To signup (and pick a cool domain for yourself), just go to LabReservations.com and click to create your free domain.

Please signup and start using the tool. We know you’ll get lots of value out of it. We’d also love to hear from you, so send us any feedback or questions through the Contact page.

A Library For Your Test Systems

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When we have been part of a group of people sharing a pool of test systems, we want to be able to check systems out as easily and intuitively as someone would check out a book from a public library:

  • Show who you are (login)
  • Browse available resources
  • Select what you want
  • Reserve your selections for some allotment of time

Sign up to get into the queue for invites as soon as we launch!


Computer Lab Management

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The term “lab management” means different things to different people, but say those words to certain tech folks who are part of a group sharing servers in a lab or server farm and you almost always get an emotional response.

We’re making great progress on the system, but want to make sure we have core functionality in place along with excellent usability and top-notch security.

One challenge with lab reservation software is that it really needs to be nearly frictionless to use, otherwise team members will just not use it.

Lack Of Lab Visibility

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Every time we talk to someone (SQA, Customer Support, Engineering) who works with shared computer lab equipment, they all share the same frustration that we have: figuring out which equipment is in use and which is available. If something is being used, when will it next be free?

We have wasted hundreds of hours reconfiguring systems because Suzie went on vacation while she was in the middle of running some tests, and Ted came along, asked around, and figured no one was using it, so he took over the system for his own use. Of course, when Suzie returned from vacation, she had to start all over again.

We’re solving this. Sign up for email updates and a notification as soon as you can open your free account.