Why Lab Reservations?

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Note: We’ve been getting some great (and a little not-so-great) 🙂 feedback from early adopters and we’re always looking for more, so keep it coming! It really is free to signup and create an account and the free tier has no expiration. Literally ZERO risk for you.

So what is Lab Reservations, and why do you absolutely need it if you work in a group that is supposed to share stuff in the computer lab?

Lab Reservations gives you the “who, what, when, and where” for the shared systems in your computer lab:

  • Who is using this system right now?

  • What systems are available for me running version 3.4?

  • When will this system next be available? Oh, email me when it is!

  • Where is this system anyway?

Since we’re a hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) application, you get all this lab visibility with…

ZERO installation, ZERO rack space, ZERO power consumption.

You’re up and running in minutes, not weeks.


Also, we provide you reports that tell you which …

  • Systems are NEVER used (power those down, free up the rack space, and save money)

  • Systems are used most frequently (maybe you need a few more)

  • Users reserve the most equipment (do they need self control?)

  • Users reserve the least equipment (do they ever reproduce or test issues?)

… and lots more, but you’ll just have to try it out to see.  🙂


How do you get setup and running in (literally) minutes? Go to LabReservations.com and create your FREE domain. You even pick the custom URL.